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A women's cardigan is a type of knitted sweater that is typically open-fronted, with buttons or a zipper closure, and designed to be worn as an outer layer over other clothing. In a wholesale B2B online store, the women's cardigans category would include a range of different styles, sizes, and colors of cardigans that can be purchased in bulk quantities by retailers or other businesses.

- Some common types of women's cardigans that may be found in a wholesale B2B online store include:

- Button-up cardigans: These cardigans feature a row of buttons down the front and may have pockets or other details.

- Open-front cardigans: These cardigans do not have any buttons or closures and are designed to be worn open.

- Longline cardigans: These cardigans are longer in length, often extending below the hips or even to the knees.

- Cropped cardigans: These cardigans are shorter in length, typically ending just above the waist.

- Oversized cardigans: These cardigans are designed to be worn in a loose, relaxed fit, and may be oversized in both length and width.

Wholesale B2B online store may offer a variety of different materials, such as wool, cotton, acrylic, and blends, as well as different patterns and designs, such as solid colors, stripes, or prints. The availability of different sizes may also vary depending on the store.

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