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The women's shirts category in a wholesale B2B online store would typically include a wide range of shirts designed for women, such as:

- Blouses: These are often more formal and dressy shirts that can be worn in professional settings.

- T-shirts: Basic tees, fitted tees, graphic tees and more.

- Button-up shirts: These are classic shirts that can be dressed up or down and are great for both professional and casual settings.

- Polo shirts: These are casual shirts with a collar and usually have a button-up neckline.

- Tank tops: These are sleeveless shirts that are often worn as an undershirt or for casual wear.

- Crop tops: These are shorter shirts that expose the midriff area and are often worn for more casual occasions.

- Tunics: These are longer shirts that can be worn with leggings or pants and are often more relaxed in style.

The exact types of shirts offered in the women's shirts category will vary depending on the supplier, but it's likely that the category will include a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to appeal to a broad range of customers.

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